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IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10 – Tips and Tricks

IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10

IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10

On the off chance that you wish to discover the IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10, this article is for you. Like all cell phones, your Galaxy S10 contains its very own one of a kind IMEI number. What’s more, there may be cases when you are required to discover it. In the event that you don’t know how to, continue with the guidelines underneath. In any case, before something else, what precisely is this IMEI number you talk about?
The IMEI or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a number for every gadget to recognize it. The IMEI number is utilized by GSM systems to check if gadgets are legitimate and the Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t stolen or blacklisted. Finishing an IMEI check for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile … will ensure that Galaxy S10 is usable. The IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S10 can be discovered utilizing basic strategies.
Like most smart devices, mobile phones have serial numbers allocated to them at the production line. What’s more, cell phones additionally have IMEI number (another way to say “International Mobile Station Equipment Identity“). IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10  can be used to identify an individual handset.

In this article, you will know all you need about the IMEI Samsung Galaxy S10 and how you can easily locate it.

What can you do if you know your phone IMEI number:

  1. Check if a phone has been blacklisted;
  2. Find out to which network a phone is locked;
  3. Identify the model of your phone;

The IMEI number of every smartphone is 15 digits long, including your Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 IMEI – Service Code

The administration code strategy is unquestionably the most straightforward approach to discover your Samsung Galaxy S10 IMEI number. You should simply to find the dialer application on your gadget and write: *#06#. When you compose this code, tap the call symbol, and it will see your IMEI number to come up. You regularly won’t have to press the Call or Send catch, as the IMEI number will show up when you finish dialing the code. It’s additionally critical to tell you that you won’t be charged for utilizing the administration code.


Samsung Galaxy S10 IMEI number – Packaging

IMEI number S10 box
IMEI number S10 box

Another powerful method for knowing your Samsung Galaxy S10 IMEI number is by finding the first box that accompanied the gadget. If you have the first box, you will see a sticker on the case with your IMEI number intensely composed on it.


Samsung Galaxy S10 IMEI – Android System

IMEI Android system
IMEI Android system


The third viable method for knowing your gadget IMEI number is by finding the Settings choice on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and after that find and tap on the choice named ‘Device Information‘ and tap on Status. You will see elements of your Samsung Galaxy S10 including the IMEI number.


Once you know the IMEI phone number you can easily carrier unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone through IMEI, the simplest and the safest method to unlock your phone.