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As all Apple lovers know that iCloud Activation lock checking tool has been disabled by the Apple from their official website, now it is very hard to check iCloud Activation status of an Apple device. It was a very helpful tool for people who often purchase second hand Apple devices or their favorite iPhone models online without facing fear of blocked or blacklisted IMEI as it allow them to check whether the find My iPhone feature is on or off. Thankfully, at UnlockPlus, Apple users can easily check iCloud Activation Status by simply entering IMEI number of iPhone or any other Apple device like iPod or iPad etc.

iCloud Activation Status check service was removed by Apple from their website due to some security reasons and preventing hackers from taking benefits of stolen IMEI numbers was one of them. But if you want to make sure an Apple device is worth investing when buying a used one, you can check its iCloud Activation Status here on our website within minutes.

Simply enter the IMEI number of an Apple device in the dedicated text box shown on this page and we will send you with all the necessary details about the device such as iCloud Activation Status, warranty status and serial number etc via email. You can also check it for your own device to turn FMI (Find My iPhone) feature on in order to make sure your iPhone is easily trackable when lost or stolen.

FAQ about how to check iCloud activation status ON or OFF

How to check my phone?

With us, the checking process is effortless and painless. Just enter the IMEI an place the order. After that we’ll make an check GSMA TAC and IMEI datasets and once is completed we’ll send you an e-mail with status of the phone.

Do I need special tools to check if the phone iCloud activation status is ON or OFF

No, all you need is IMEI number from the phone. You can see the IMEI of the phone dialing *#06#.

How do I know if my phone is Clean or Blacklisted?

We send you in raport exact status of your phone, blacklisted or clean. If is blacklisted, even unlocked, you won’t be able to use the phone in that country anymore.

How can I unlock my phone if I don’t know the original network and country?

It is very important that you select the original carrier your iPhone is locked to (the one you originally bought your phone from). If you don’t know this information, you need to use our Network Operator check service before placing an order.

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Here at you can find a solution to check all GSM Carriers: AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, T-Mobile USA, metro PCS, Vodafone UK, EE UK, Verizon, O2 UK, Rogers, Bell, Claro and many others. Our GSM Network Phone Check service is able to help customers from all over the world. We can check a phone from North America, South America, Europe, Asia or Australia.
We always check most popular models and we use our experience to keep our customers satisfied:

Why check your phone with UnlockPlus?

It’s legit, quick, secure and permanent

Your phone will work with any network provider

You won’t loose the warranty

No need to leave your home to check your phone

Fast delivery (1-30 minutes)

Step-by-step instructions and tutorials sent to your E-Mail

Top customer support available 24/7

Cheap factory unlock solutions

Money back guarantee 100%

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